Como funciona o Beach Tennis ? A história no Brasil!

Domingo, 22 de dezembro 2013 às 13:00:00 AMT

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Tênis Profissional

Horacio Mello, professional player of Beach Tennis - In the 80s, the beaches of Ravenna, in Italy, there was a sport with rackets and ball called Beach Tennis. The racket looks like a racquetball but with holes to get cut air and facilitate hit.

The ball is tennis, but without pressure, used for tennis lessons for the kids (the Play and Stay). It's that famous deflated ball. The advantage of this is that it does not hurt the participants in the event of a jackpot. The sport is great fun! It is usually played between doubles. A person in a double bag and the opposing pair tries to return the ball without it touches the sand. Event of the bounce inside the limited area with rope or marking is point. The dimensions of the court, when played in pairs, have the dimensions of a beach volleyball court (8m x 8m). There is also the possibility to be played in single (one on one). In this case the court is a little closer to 5m x 8m. The sport is played with a few differences from the tennis court. The server is entitled to only one serve. This can cash out for any player of the opposing double and can even draw all points of his game in the same opponent without any problems. The count is equal to the tennis doubles game score with the "IN AD". This means that when it comes in 40 equal, the game ends at the next point. Many games are decided at these times, which now have a very large weight in the end. The sport arrived in Brazil in 2008, when the referee Adam Chagas, and former tennis players Marcela Evangelista, Joana Cortez and Rodrigo Ribeiro was invited to play one Beach Tennis Tournament in Ravenna. Thanks to help of Leopoldo Correia, our Brazilians were in third place right away. The group returned to Brazil very excited about the sport. They believed that everything would have to turn a passion for the Brazilian people. Leopoldo, along with Joan, Adam and Rodrigo started putting blocks on several beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Everyone who played was loving the sport. The idea was bought by tennis shop owners, who started selling sporting goods. Beach volleyball courts were turned into blocks of Beach Tennis. Many people were buying up networks and making blocks up in places, to have the pleasure of this sport even away from the beaches. Today, sport is practiced by thousands of players all over Brazil. Cities such as Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, Camboriú, Santos, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Natal, Salvador, Porto Seguro, Vila Velha and Vitória and many others are the major poles of the sport in our country. As you can see, Beach Tennis is not only played in coastal cities but also in the inner cities, which create these courts in municipal parks and even in clubs, as happens today in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Campo Grande (MS ) among others. For now this is it, my name is Horacio Melo, I'm a professional player of Beach Tennis. . In the next column explain how the World Circuit of Beach Tennis and speak of success that Brazilians this year Ask your question about the sport by email - hmelo1@yahoo.com