Presidente da ITF estuda acabar com o segundo serviço no tênis

Sexta, 30 de janeiro 2015 às 12:29:23 AMT

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Tênis Profissional

The Italian Francesco Ricci Bitti, President of the International Tennis Federation said in an interview during the Australian Open, the tennis needs change. Among the changes that the president proposes are the set of 4 games and the end of the second service.

"Tennis is very spectacular, so you have to monitor the development of the sport in the media. Any experiment, such as the set of four games which is based on the fact that the greater attention that the sport receives is given at the end of the set. For this reason I advocate the short set. It's just an option, do not go against the rules, there is an agreement with the ATP and a general consensus, "said the agent.


But one of the biggest changes proposed by Ricci is to eliminate the second service. "My second idea of ​​change is that the second service is eliminated. The process would be carried out first to audition and soon after the set would be official whether or not this change. It was about the procedure with Hawk Eye (electronic challenge), which was not a change just to help arbitration, but it brought much benefit to the viewer as well. Soon, I am an advocate of the single service, since the second coming of old when there were so many drawing techniques and became very difficult to draw in such a small space. Today the second service is only a mental decision of the player, the more risk, less risk. That's my opinion at the time. "


The President also believes that technological advances have part of tennis guilt based on power and physical. "The trend is caused by the equipment, racquets, and especially the new materials Strings of allowing use of a variety of effects. I always say that Nadal is not only a great champion, but also an example of player of the modern era that draws more effect. It is the greatest interpreter of the evolution of the material. Nevertheless, it is a truth that the greatest evolution in the game was physical. The players are more athletic, are no longer as before. "


Finally, commented that are also studying changes in the Davis Cup. "We are studying nominations federations, annuity, annual calendar. Every two years is crazy, every four we have the Olympics also inserted in the circuit. Play three sets is under discussion and play the final on neutral ground as well. All to further improve this treasure we have and not want to lose. "